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Y4’s Sportsperson of the week

This week the juniors have voted for a class sportsperson as part of the process to find Green Park’s Sportsperson. It was lovely to see so many children nominated for excellent reasons. Our votes were very close and we ended up with joint winners. Glitter Text @

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Football Tournament

Good luck to the ten boys who are representing our class on Monday in a football tournament at Chesterfield High School. Don’t forget your track suit, coat, boots, shin pads, drink and snack. We’ll let you know how they get on.

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Hockey part 3

Hockey 2nd October Part 3 on PhotoPeach

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Hockey 2

Hockey 2nd October Part 2 on PhotoPeach

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This week’s Hockey 1

We had a great session this week. We worked on our ‘indian dribbling’, played ‘truck & trailer’ and did some tackling. We finished our session with a game of ‘Pirates’ great fun – the pirates had to steal the hockey balls from the players and hit them out of the play area.If we lost a […]

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Hockey 1

This half term we’re having great fun developing our hockey skills. This week we started ‘indian dribbling’ – very difficult!! We’ll keep you updated on our progress. Hockey Part 1 on PhotoPeach

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Our Hockey Skills 2

Hockey Part 2 on PhotoPeach

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