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Sunshine Week and Life in Y5

This week is our Sunshine week! We began on Wednesday and we already have some prize winners this week, with lots more names in the sunshine box to be drawn in the next few days.

We are particularly thinking about how our actions make others feel this week. This means that we are trying even harder to be kind in and out of class, listen respectfully to others and make sure that our actions in class allow everyone to learn well.

There has been lots of hard work going on in Y5. Thank you parents for your support with homework, we have been impressed with the commitment shown by the class to hand their work in on time. Children are obviously trying hard to learn their spellings. Don’t forget to practise your times tables, too, Y5!

Hopefully the children have now shown you some of their fabulous Google Writing – I certainly enjoyed reading their ‘Knight Application’ letters this week, in fact I couldn’t stop reading as they were so brilliant! We are almost ready to write our Knight Tales so look out for that one.

The children have impressed me with their maths knowledge and their confidence in using written methods.

******** A big plea… A number of sweatshirts / cardigans / bits of kit have gone missing. We do have a huge collection of un-named belongings, particularly sweatshirts, in our cloakroom. Please could you check for items at home that may belong to someone else and also to see if you are missing items so that we can return some of our pile! Names should be clearly written in all items of clothing so that we can easily return misplaced items.
Thank you! *******

Have a lovely weekend.

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Gawain and the Green Knight

Tuesday morning is a morning of subtraction methods and the brilliant story of Gawain and the Green Knight.

If you’ve never come across the this story before , watch the brilliant animation of it by clicking on the picture below.Gawain


These questions will help to develop your ideas about the story. (We’ll be using them on Tuesday)



As well as investigating Sir Gawain and his adventures with The Green Knight, we will also be going on a subtraction adventure using the methods that have been used in school.


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Sports Day 2015

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Monday in Y5

Live Blog Monday in Y5

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